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'What time do your parents and sister go to bed?' 'I dunno,' Marshall wriggled against the hamster tube bigger boy as Simon cautiously peered around making sure no one was watching them. 'About eleven, not very late as they both have to work.' 'I may pay you a visit,' Dash smirked. 'Show you another trick.' Marshall grinned. He knew Dash wouldn't come but it was nice to pretend, as far as he knew Dash didn't even know where he lived. All that was forgotten as Dash and he were dunked by a flying hamster x Simon, after that it was mayhem but with a difference. The cold water and activity had it's usual effect... it xmaster refreshed. After five minutes it was all gropes and free xhamster grabs, x.hamster poor (or lucky) Simon bore the brunt of it and he loved being the centre of attraction, he took to being gay xhamster the meat sandwich between Marshall and Dash like a duck to water and Marshall for one was convinced that Simon was 'easy', Dash had other ideas, he was after Marshall. 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Marshall was so tired he was operating on auto pilot but he knew or rather suspected that the grey haired Dash had an agenda freeporn and that agenda xhamster granny included himself. If by some miracle Dash found his house and they got together Marshall knew they would be in a totally different ball game. On xham the pretext of sorting his clothing out he scribbled his address on a piece of xhamster gay paper and slid it to Dash unseen by Simon. Dash smiled, better and better, Marshall wanted him as much as he wanted Marshall. 'You know that kid Nick?' Simon xhamster stories suddenly spoke. 'The kid xhamster. who knocks about with Eddy. The smoothy good looker with the tippy up nose?' Marshall laughed. He remembered the two from a short time back when Simon had made friends with Mr Wilson the ATM. Come to think of it Nick was rather sweet in a scruffy sort of way. 'Yeah,' Simon blushed for the umpteenth time. 'I like him.' 'We'll work on it,' Dash promised. 'I might know him.' 'Have a discreet word,' Simon blushed even deeper. Any more blushing and he'd burst into flame. 'I'll try, no promises,' Dash smiled. Funnily xhamaster enough he'd had his eye on young hamster sex Nick more as opposition on the hustling front as anything but Simon was right, the kid xhamster deutsch was rather sweet. Eerie was an xmaster isolated faming community and there hamster porn were lots of opportunities for a young man to earn or score if he were willing and discreet but don't forget the exhamster discreet. 'We'd better make a move,' Marshall wriggled back into his briefs, they were almost dry and the other two got to their feet... the party was over. 'Secret Society,' Dash stuck his hand out. 'Secret,' Simon placed his hand onto xhamster com Dash's. 'Very secret,' Marshal agreed placing his hand on top of the others and that was it, the first meet of a long summer's relationship. It probably wasn't the only summer romance happening in Eerie but it was the only one that mattered to our three heroes. They parted at long last agreeing to meet up xhamster milf the following afternoon for another swim and whatever went with it. Marshall and Dash didn't mention their proposed night time meeting to Simon but with the passing of his address Marshall had sealed the deal and both of the older boys knew it. Later on Simon had dinner at the Teller household but this was nothing new, still later in Marshall's room they had a very minor play around but both boys agreed to save their strength for the following afternoon at the mill. As soon as Simon had left Marshall had a shower and watched televison as the clock seemed to crawl around it's dial. All he could think of was Dash's naked body and of course, of Simon's pert little bottom He had to get there before Dash but unbeknown to him that's exactly what the grey haired boy had in mind. Marshall favoured old washed out beach shorts for sleepwear, they were xhamster japanese soft and loose enough to be comfortable and that www xhamster.com was how he lay on top of his bed at midnight wondering if Dash would turn up. His room had easy access as the outside wall and had a strong trellis which ran past his window, he'd used it enough for night time escapades and could vouch hamster tube for it's safety. He had the lights off apart from a small lava lamp on his desk and suddenly sat up, the trellis had creaked and he closed his eyes pretending to be asleep. He heard the rustle of the curtains and xhamster de then xhamster femdom got his wakeup call. There was a pressure on the side of his bed and then soft lips touched his. 'Umpfh...' he flapped his arms and reached out to clasp his visitor. xhamster indian 'Cool it, Marsh.' The pressure eased and then the xhamster. com lips returned and they kissed longer and more passionately. Marshall had never kissed another boy and he liked it, what he liked more was the xhamster odir fact that Dash's hand had burrowed up the leg of his baggy shorts and gently clasped his now fully aroused penis. 'Time to get undressed,' Dash broke contact and stood by the side of the bed. Marshall was treated to a slow striptease as the older xxx hamster boy disposed site xhamster.com xhamster of xhamster vintage his clothing and finally stood in his naked paleness xhamster/ with his six inches of rampant free xhamster boy meat jutting and very clearly ready xhamster granny for the off. 'Come closer,' he rasped and as Dash moved in Marshall xhamster mom grasped hot and hard flesh guiding it to his mouth. There x hamester was no point in messing around, he wanted hamster porno Dash and he wanted him all the way. He clasped Dash's soft and smooth butt cheeks as the other boy straddled him and slowly xmaster.com moved to and fro pumping his hardness xhamster categories into wet suction. 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He didn't quite know to go about fucking Dash but he was pretty certain that the other boy was up for it. xhamster .com 'After you pop Simon's cherry put in a good word for me, I'd like seconds.' 'Show me how and xhamster mature you've got a deal,' Marshall heard himself say. 'You've got it,' Dash replied quickly. He'd got what he wanted and now it was just hamster.com a matter of instructing and deflowering young Marshall. Now this was xhamster xxx a mission he was looking forward to. 'Come on then,' Marshall moved against Dash urgently, he could feel his balls tight up in their sac, if something didn't happen soon he was going to explode. 'Get rid of your shorts,' Dash instucted kneeling up so that his waving cock was in Marshall's face again. 'I brought a little assistance,' he reached out and grabbed his jeans which were still on the bed. As Marshall hamsterxxx wriggled www.xhamster about shucking off his shorts Dash took a tube from his pocket and uncapped it. 'What's that?' 'The asistance,' Dash stiffled a laugh and squeezed xhamster categories something from the tube onto his hand and reached behind him. Marshall nearly fainted as he felt Dash's hand grasp his organ in an oily xhamster video grip and slowly xhamster mature wank it upright. Dash repeated his maneuver and Marshall felt more oil being smeared onto his knob and then down his shaft. 'Hold my waist, hold me steady,' Dash demanded lowering himself a little from his raised kneeling position and also holding Marshall's well oiled cock upright. 'Oh, my God,' Marshall froze as he felt his cock slip between Dash's spread buns. His first thought was: Dash had done this before and his second was that he'd died and gone to heaven. His precum and oil coated glans pressed against Dash's spread pucker, there was the slightest resistance and he was surrounded by heat and tightness as he slipped into Dash's body. The fact was that Dash's body was slipping onto him but no matter, he was entering Dash. The grey haired boy's eyes were shut as he slowly dropped taking in Marshall's stiff five inches xhamster sex of hot cock until his smooth cheeks lightly rested xhamstercom on Marshall's groin. 'Stay in tight, roll onto our sides and then you go on top,' Dash muttered and started to drop onto https //xhamster.com his side. Marshall grabbed his hamsterporn hips and stayed completely sheathed in the older boy's body. As they lay on their sides briefly he rolled again until he was sprawled on Dash's outstretched body with Dash's legs stuck up in the air. The final move was for Dash to drop his legs and wrap them around Marshall's waist. 'Now you fuck,' Dash opened his xhamster photos eyes and grinned. 'Big Boy...' Dash grinned and grasped Marshall's ass binding them in tighter. 'I'm gonna so enjoy fucking you after this.' Marshall wasn't paying attention and barely heard the threat, he was already moving. No one need telling how to fuck once the prelims are out of the xxx xhamster way. 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Marshall got from xhampster the bed and wiped himself with a dirty xhamster porno t-shirt and then sat and wiped off xmaster.com Dash's sweaty chest and around his arousal. 'That's xhamster. com mine I hamsterx guess,' surprisingly he smiled again xhamster live and flipped Dash's jerking cock with a finger. 'Lay xhamster milf on your site xhamster.com xhamster side,' Dash moved across the bed hamster xxx leaving room for Marshall to lie down xhamster odir again. Marshall obeyed. He was in a curious situation, he was reluctant xhamster indonesia but he was keen hamster porn at the same time... go figure. xh He felt Dash snuggle up behing him and he felt the older www.xhamster.com boy's hardness press against his ass but he jumped hamster all the same as he felt Dash's oiled fingers slip into his crack and then the sudden intrusion. Dash had quickly and without any warning slipped a finger into his x.hamster xhampster.com hole and was moving xhamster geschichten it to and fro. 'You need relaxing,' Dash murmured. 'A first timer needs a bit of lube and xhamster live don't forget you'll have to do www.xhamster.com the same for Sy, he is a lot smaller than you.' 'Gotcha,' Marshall wriggled on the finger delving deeper and deeper, he raised his upper leg slightly feeling Dash's finger move in a circular motion as it moved in and out, suddenly it withdrew leaving him with an empty www.xhamster feeling... just as he was beginning to like it. He x-hamster grinned into the pillow but kept his peace, he didn't want Dash to know he was xhamster.com looking forward to what was to come. Suddenly it happened, Marshall felt the slimy pressure of Dash's glans nudge between his buns and then a stretching as the mass parted his pucker. He pushed back automatically judging it better xhamster pictures than trying to break free. He'd accepted what was to happen and in a perverse way wanted it, one xxx xhamster thing was clear, he needed this experience before he tried anything similar with x master little Simon or x hampster even Nick and that stray xhamster pics thought came from out xhamster pictures of nowhere. Nick, Nick, Nickee... he thought of the slender boy in Dash's place. The kid was far better looking than Dash xhamster spanking and hamsterporn Marshall felt himself get hard again as he thought of sweet Nick's body pressed against his back. 'Good boy,' hamster porno Dash whispered and pushing Marshall onto his belly mounted properly forcing Marshall's legs apart xhamsters.com getting between them. 'Yessss... Dash pushed in all the way feeling Marshall relaxing and also feeling that this was what Marshall wanted. Perhaps the two of them weren't all that different after all. After that it was routine. 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When it came it was a good one and Marshall squirmed and wriggled as he felt Dash's six inches buried deep in his ass explode wave after wave of creamy love juice, hot and slippery, deep and thick. 'Golly gosh,' Marshall x hampster whispered shakily clamping hard on Dash and feeling the older boy's hardness slip from it's spunk filled nest 'How do you feel?' Dash asked anxiously cuddling Marshall in tight. 'Fucked,' Marshall smirked. 'And squishy.' 'Not despondant and disgusted?' Dash porn xhamster asked anxiously. 'What's done is done,' Marshall grinned. 'Don't worry, I'm not going to call rape.' 'And Simon's in your sights?' Dash pushed Marshall over onto his back and grasped Marshall's reawakened boyhood. 'And that kid Nick,' Marshall grinned. 'Now he's sweet.' 'Pervo.' 'Faggot.' They both laughed. The house remained silent as Marshall turned inwards, they had all the time in the world. To be continued EERIE, INDIANA dates back to 1993 so. Omri Katz (Marshall Teller) and his pals may be unfamilar to present day readers. If you'd like to see what the boys look like I'd be happy to x master send the Zip File 'EERIE - 1' to anyone who writes... these are screen porn captures and xhamster free porn perfectly decent/legal by the way. I shall probably produce a Zip File xhams 'Eerie - 2' when I release the second chapter with a couple of additional characters. GCutter66London Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2004 02:13:01 -0400 From: hamster tube jackie Subject: Effective Performance - Installment One Disclaimer - If you're not supposed to be reading this, don't. Also, I would like to ask that you please respect my work. 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